Sweat Enzo (EP)

by Sweat Enzo

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recorded aug/sep 15
in hadley's oldest house


released October 8, 2015

everything played by sweat enzo



all rights reserved


Sweat Enzo Northampton, Massachusetts

413-588-7467 leave a message

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Track Name: Shut the Shades
I'm in a rush to write as we
are currently in the car on the way to the cloud
you think that you can see it better
I know that I can see it clear

sometimes you shut the shades
sometimes you call it a day
sometimes I shut my eyes
sometimes I feed the flies

don't wake me I'm sleeping on the rocks
don't wake me cause I'm sleeping in my box
don't wake me or do you want to talk?
Track Name: What's Up
I wish I was covered in fruit
there' no other way to get through to you
for too long we've been walking on
the wrong side of the road
I should know
I should know

where it's at this time around (I should know what's up)
where I'll be a year from now (I should know what's up)
where it's at the time around (I should know what's up)
where I'll be a week from now

you say go
I say woah
I should
I should know
Track Name: Twenty Six West St
clutch my hand have I become a mouse or a man once again will i look down upon your face tried to stay but in the end you walked away will i again ever look down upon your sin again forgetting to mention every time you go away it's kind of like you get your way you walked away and i'm here all day not much to say cause you walked away
Track Name: Questions
what does the world have to teach you there's a few things i should try to clear up she feels obligations i've got hesitations throwing a half empty cup. questions, questions and wondering why golden summers passing me by.
now and then an accident squashed a fly with my big hands i'm sorry for the things i've done but the rolling sands of time go on with questions, questions, and wondering why all the runners are passing me by in the morning.
Track Name: Reuben
I miss you more than you could ever know
You didn't have to go
Track Name: Simple Truth
breathed in deep and fell asleep
crisp air all beneath the falling leaves
you will see
ski on me

if I could talk I'd tell you this
no matter what happened, we won't forget
all of our lies I'll live in regret
the truth is so simple we can't know it
know it